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Artist Krista, designs and makes these boards, spoons and candle holders herself, carving each piece by hand and lovingly sanding them to the perfect smooth finish. She only uses Canadian hardwood and everything is finished with a food safe Danish oil and Bees wax. Each piece has been designed for every-day use, that with gentle maintenance should last for a lifetime.

Here are some tips to help keep your piece in the best possible condition so that you can enjoy it's beauty and function for years to come!

When washing your woodenware's do not allow pieces to soak, this means the dishwasher is not a safe place. Gently hand wash with regular dish soap allowing pieces to fully dry. The texture or colour of the piece may change with use which is a normal part of aging for wooden cookware. Pieces can also be treated (only when needed) with a food safe mineral oil or beeswax being careful to make sure the item is fully dry first. To get your piece back to its original finish, a piece of high grit wet/dry sandpaper can be used to lightly sand the surface and then reapply a finish.  

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