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Meet the maker

I wanted to share with you more about some of the wonderful makers and business owners I get to work with, support and feature in my own business. This is going to be a little series of blog posts featuring a rapid fire Q & A style. I hope you enjoy!

First up is someone I have admired since the moment I met her. She originally came into my world when she visited me in my studio one winter and took some images of me in my work space for a local magazine feature. We briefly chatted about her "other" business Bloem Botanicals. I immediately fell in love with the products, her way with words and her images. Over the years we have carried some of our favourite products of hers and featured some in our subscription boxes too (pain salve, lip balm, bath salts, and rose cacao to name a few). I recently headed to her home/studio for a wonderful workshop, and took some photos to share with you. Read on to learn about Sarah Tacoma, the maker, forager, business woman behind Bloom Botanicals.

(photo sourced from Sarah's website)

Q: Tell me a bit about what you do?

A: I make small batch botanicals from herbs I grow and forage, for peace of mind and body. I also work with individuals one on one, helping them discover the ‘issues in the tissues’ and work to soften that with custom formulations and mediative techniques.

Q: How long have you been doing it?

A: I’ve been crafting herbal formulas since I was a child, began studying officially 15 years ago and launched Bloem early 2020.

Q: What’s your morning routine like?

A: My morning routine consists of rising with the sun or before, making a pot of tea and cozying up with a good book, herbal research or some time in the garden before the children and my husband join me later.

Q: What’s your favourite thing in your studio?

A: My favourite thing in the studio is opening the cupboard of dried herbs and taking a deep, slow breath.

Q: Keys to productivity?

A: Music and podcasts while working keeps me productive and stops my mind from wandering! Also, I have clear boundaries with my homeschooled children about my work time and they honour that pretty well. I also know when I work best and try to spend those hours focused on pertinent tasks. Q: Favourite form of movement or exercise?

A: Walking in the woods or swimming in the river!

(photo sourced from Sarah's website)

Q: Song currently on repeat?

A: Here Before by Vashti Bunyan. I’m learning whimsical songs that are perfect for singing in the garden :) Q: Guilty pleasure?

A: Mid afternoon sweet treat.. maybe a sour cherry crumble or a moist chocolate brownie

Q: What’s one thing you’re willing to spend more money on?

A: One thing I’m willing to spend money on is natural fibre clothing. Or anything to do with my business! Q: Any supplements you take/ daily elixers etc?

A: I take Brain Tonic Tincture and a micro dose of psilocybin daily for my ADHD. I also take motherwort for any rising anxiety and Digest Bitters before each meal. Around a full moon, I usually take a hot bath with hops and lavender and our Deep Sleep Tincture so I can sleep!

Q: Favourite recipe to make?

A: Favourite recipe for dinner is a garlic pasta… super simple. And for baking, I love to make a cake recipe I found years ago in Taproot Magazine using mashed banana and coconut milk for a beautiful, not too sweat cake. Q: Favourite room in your home? A: Favourite room in the summer is our screened in porch where we live most of the time! In the winter it’s our south facing living room with big windows and a roaring fire.

Q: Favourite tool in your work/home life? A: My favourite tool in work is a pair of incredibly sharp cast iron scissors. They’ll take off my finger if I’m being careless but they work on the most delicate stems as well. Q: Favourite local (to you) thing to do or visit?

A: My favourite local thing to do is to wander into the Kimberly forest, walk through the meadows and trees, put down my basket and take a quick skinny dip in the snaking river afterwards.

Thank you for sharing Sarah!

Find all of Sarah's beautiful goods on her website at We look forward to carrying some of our favourite products of hers in the future.

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