Rooted in nature, each colour is derived from the nearby landscape, ranging from earthy neutrals to deep jewel tones.


Reothadh (Frost) | Inspired by the wildflower, Frost Aster.


Hand-tinted and poured with Canadian beeswax. Made with lead-free cotton wicks. Slight surface imperfections are embraced.


Set of 2, 12-inch taper candles. Fits any standard-sized taper candle holder. Each candle burns for approximately 10 hours.


Beeswax is the cleanest, brightest and longest-burning candle wax. Burning beeswax helps purify the air while emitting a delicate scent of sweet honey. The scent will vary based on what wildflowers the bees were pollinating.


Made in Picton Ontario 

Beeswax Tapers - Set of 2 (Frost)